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Astro represents a collection of artifacts including, but not limited to, guidance, compliance, design assets/tools, coded components, third-party themes, and related samples. The major version of Astro as indicated in the website footer and below is the version that should be included in contracts. The associated asset versions should not be referenced in contract language.

Current Version (7.0)

Astro 7.0 - Updated
Design Language 7.0
Design Tokens 1.5.0
Figma Dark Theme Library 7.3.1
Figma Light Theme Library 7.0.1
Figma Wireframe Theme Library 7.0.1
Figma Icon Library 1.0.1
Web Components 7.8.0 -> 7.9.0 Release Notes
EGS Design Compliance 4.2.0

Previous Major Versions

Visit our Legacy Documentation for more information about Astro V6.

Version Status Released End of Support
1.0 Unsupported Sep 1, 2015 Dec 15, 2016
2.0 Unsupported Dec 15, 2016 April 16, 2018
3.0 Unsupported Apr 16, 2018 Apr 8, 2019
4.0 Unsupported Apr 8, 2019 Jan 27, 2021
5.0 Unsupported Jan 27, 2021 Jul 7, 2022
6.0 Unsupported Oct 27, 2021 Jan 12, 2023
7.0 Supported September 29, 2022 TBD

Release Schedule

During 2023, Astro will publish minor and patch updates on a bi-weekly basis on Thursday and major updates on a bi-annual cadence. Astro patch/minor releases may include updates to design assets, compliance, components, design tokens and documentation.

Semantic Versioning

Astro uses Semantic Versioning or SemVer, a widely adopted method of conveying meaning about the change. SemVer is expressed as three numbers delimited by a decimal point (1.4.3). While SemVer has quite a lot of nuance, for Astro we are adopting the basic patch, minor, and major nomenclature.

Unlike standard decimals, each numeral is separated by a full-stop, increments numerically, and resets the numbers to the right. E.g., making a minor change to version 1.9.3 would result in a new version number of 1.10.0. There is no limit to how high each number can go, but practically speaking anything beyond 999 becomes unwieldy.

Web Component Breaking Changes

What to expect

“What is a breaking change?” can be subjective, so we have outlined below explicitly what we are calling breaking changes and what you can expect in each release.

Any changes to this document will be announced in the Astro UXDS Working Group and in our Github Announcements in advance.

Our public API

A component's API includes:


Major releases contain breaking changes.


Minor releases include new features and are always backwards compatible. Minor releases may include deprecation warnings where we signal in advance that a particular feature is scheduled to be removed in the next upcoming major release. At your convenience, before the next major release, review the migration steps and upgrade your application accordingly. Minor releases may also include patch features.


Patch releases include bug fixes and should not require you to change your code.