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Getting Started

Getting Started with Astro Web Components

Additional Documentation/Storybook

Why Web Components?

When the Astro predecessor SATCOM components were initially created, they were specific to the SATCOM domain. The scope of use has since expanded to include other domains in space, allowing us to create a more agnostic set of components for use across a wider spectrum of space systems.

While the initial components were purposefully created to be framework-agnostic, this limited the demonstrated experiences to pure HTML/CSS implementations. For today’s space app needs, we want to provide more practical demonstrations which can be used across a wide variety of frameworks. WebComponents v1 provide us with an opportunity to deliver functional examples which can be incorporated in a variety of frameworks (Angular 2+, React, Ember) or simply used as a more relevant example of implementing Astro Guidelines in a modern framework.

Benefits of Astro Web Components