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Astro’s user research, conducted on a wide variety of space applications, showed that inconsistent and unconstrained use of colors and symbols left users confused and even dismissive of color systems. The research further showed that wide overuse of red to indicate both “off” and “emergency” stripped the color of its attention-getting power.

The Astro Status System is a standard to consistently indicate the state of an object or concept (typically represented by an Icon). The Status System consists of Status Symbols and Status Colors.

The Status Color palette for the Status System is based on a color temperature scale. The lowest level of severity, Off, is grey (neutral) and the highest level of severity, Alert, is red (hot).

Status System Taxonomy
Figure 3.1.1 Status system taxonomy

Each Status Symbol is a combination of a Status Color and a shape. The shapes are provided to ensure people with color blindness can also clearly identify the state of the object or concept

Rules of Thumb

  • A state change must be reflected by a change in the Status Color and, if appropriate, the Status Icon.
  • Only use the standard set of Status Symbols and Status Colors provided.
  • Use the highest level of urgency status if multiple statuses are consolidated. For example, if the statuses of underlying components are green, yellow, and red, the consolidated indicator is red.
  • Reserve red for states that are urgent and require immediate attention.

Status Colors

Status Colors on Dark Backgrounds

For the Astro UXDS Dark Theme, and on dark backgrounds, the following Status Color values should be used. A border is not necessary, as these colors pass WCAG AA contrast ratios on dark backgrounds.

HEX: #FF3838
RGB: 255,56,56
Token: color-status-critical
CSS: —color-status-critical
Critical, severe, alert, form error, emergency, urgent
HEX: #FFB302
RGB: 255,179,2
Token: color-status-serious
CSS: —color-status-serious
Serious, distress, error, needs attention
RGB: 252,232,58
Token: color-status-caution
CSS: —color-status-caution
Caution, warning, unstable, unsatisfactory, watch
HEX: #56F000
RGB: 86,240,0
Token: color-status-normal
CSS: —color-status-normal
Normal, on, ok, fine, go, satisfactory
RGB: 45,204,255
Token: color-status-standby
CSS: —color-status-standby
Standby, available, enabled
RGB: 164,171,182
Token: color-status-off
CSS: —color-status-off
Off, unavailable, disabled

Status Colors on Light Backgrounds

For the Astro UXDS Light Theme, and on light backgrounds, the following Status Color values should be used. When used, a darker border is necessary around the fill color, as the fill colors do not pass WCAG AA contrast ratios on light backgrounds. Those border colors have been specified here.

Fill ValuesBorder Values
HEX: #FF2A04
RGB: 255,42,4
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-critical
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-critical
HEX: #661102
RGB: 102,17,2
Token: status-symbol-color-border-critical
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-critical
RGB: 255,175,61
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-serious
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-serious
HEX: #664618
RGB: 102,70,24
Token: status-symbol-color-border-serious
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-serious
HEX: #FAD800
RGB: 250,216,0
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-caution
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-caution
HEX: #645600
RGB: 100,86,0
Token: status-symbol-color-border-caution
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-caution
HEX: #00E200
RGB: 0,226,0
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-normal
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-normal
HEX: #005A00
RGB: 0,90,0
Token: status-symbol-color-border-normal
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-normal
HEX: #64D9FF
RGB: 45,204,255
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-standby
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-standby
HEX: #285766
RGB: 40,87,102
Token: status-symbol-color-border-standby
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-standby
HEX: #7B8089
RGB: 123,128,137
Token: status-symbol-color-fill-off
CSS: —status-symbol-color-fill-off
HEX: #3C3E42
RGB: 60,62,66
Token: status-symbol-color-border-off
CSS: —status-symbol-color-border-off

Avoid adding additional colors if possible. Creating additional colors greatly reduces the user’s ability to learn and properly use the application.

Asset Status

Asset Version Status
Documentation N/A Available
UI Kit - Dark v7 Available
UI Kit - Light v7 Available
UI Kit - Wireframe v7 Available
Web Component v7 Available
Component Tokens v1 In Progress
Status Key
Available In Progress Planned Not Available Deprecated

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