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The Astro UX Assessments can be used by designers, developers, product leaders, or anyone interested in improving software quality to complete a rapid assessment within 1-2 hours. These printable worksheets are especially useful in environments where outside computers aren’t allowed.

Applying all three evaluations is recommended to most effectively boost usability as each assessment reveals a unique insight into an applications’s User Experience.

Usability Heuristics

The Astro Usability Heuristic Assessment is an evaluation that compares an application against long-standing best practices derived from the Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design.

Benefits of Usability Heuristic Evaluations

  • Finds usability problems in a quick timeframe
  • Combines multiple perspectives from evaluation insights
  • Ranks initial issues by severity to prioritize future solutions
Usability Heuristics Worksheet
Usability Heuristics Worksheet - Download PDF

Cognitive Walkthrough

The Astro Cognitive Walkthrough Assessment evaluates an application’s ease of use by observing and scoring a user’s success at each workflow step, revealing obstacles preventing task completion.

Benefits of Cognitive Walkthroughs

  • Reveals early-stage constraints and improvements
  • Identifies user issues and optimize work flows
  • Discovers required user and system knowledge
Cognitive Walkthrough Worksheet
Cognitive Walkthrough Worksheet - Download PDF

Astro Compliance Audit

The Astro Compliance Audit Assessment provides rules for design and specific usage guidelines for Astro components and applications. The guide illustrates Tier 1 practices, since they are fundamental to Astro’s design and are the easiest to adopt.

Benefits of Tier 1 Compliance Audits

  • Informs future design efforts
  • Increases user participation and adoption
  • Improves integration through standardization
Astro Compliance Audit Worksheet
Astro Compliance Audit Worksheet - Download PDF


Download all three worksheets and utilize each evaluation to improve the software quality and an application’s user experience.

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